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See The Hope


From Horse Owners Who Care


The stories here are real. The real “Hollywood ending” is about the healing power of love! Love has no boundaries and there is no end. These horse owners have been over their head in trying to manage this unforgiving condition, but they kept on going! As John Wayne would say, they have “True Grit.” They have all traveled—and continue to travel—a difficult journey.


HEAL honors these individuals and their horses. Unless you own a horse with lymphedema or a draft horse with CPL, it is hard to grasp the totality of this condition. Every small victory needs to be embraced. The lack of understanding about this condition and how to manage it leaves owners in isolation, enough for many people to give up. The sad part is they do! Lymphedema can tax you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially. But there is hope! When you see a horse who refuses to give up, they motivate us to keep going. I hope the stories inspire you. After you read them, please say a prayer for each one of them to continue the fight so they can inspire others.

Owner: Scott
Horse:  Fred


On Labor Day weekend, HEAL had the opportunity to work with Scott and his pulling horse, Fred, a beautiful 5-year old Belgium who has chronic progressive lymphedema (CPL).


When Scott acquired Fred at the age of 2, he was severely malnourished. With proper care and lots of love, he is now a whopping 2400 pounds, and still growing! Scott has an eye for recognizing pulling horses with great potential, and Fred is one of those horses. Scott remains dedicated in providing Fred the best of care so Fred can reach his full potential and be productive. Scott is a quick study and learned the wrapping technique, while Fred was a willing client standing quietly and lets Scott work on him. Check out the video of Scott and Fred in the field. 

Owner: Kelly
Horse:  Toby



When Kelly rescued Toby he already had CPL, but she didn’t know what it was. And she took him anyway!



Kelly emailed, “Sadly we still have lots of scary down swings as well. CPL is a maddening disease! Each day brings some new challenge – the mites, the horrible staph outbreaks, the hyperkeratosis, the thrush and white line, his sheath irritation, hind end weakness and lack of coordination… I am exhausted on so many levels, but Toby is so brave and kind that I can’t give up the fight.”  See the video, Toby’s Story, to hear Kelly describe his condition and what she’s done to nurse him back to health.

Owner: Karin
Horse:  Bella


Karin knew she was in trouble. She has two Clydesdales with bilateral CPL (meaning, it’s in 2 legs). Karin has faced insurmountable challenges having 2 horses with this maddening condition while being the sole caregiver. Bella has been the greatest challenge, but 24 hours after receiving the proper management protocol, she cantered down to the field! Karin was delighted and said, “What an inspiration!” Bella continues to make progress even with an occasional set-back. We will continue the fight! See the video for more on Bella’s condition and her progress.

Owner: Margaret
Horse:  William

New Zealand

Margaret bought William, a Clydesdale, to support her carriage business in a small tourist town in southern New Zealand. She bought him on the Internet, and when he was unloaded from the truck, she was appalled! She faced numerous challenges in addition to the CPL. The most William could work was 2 hours per day. A sole caregiver, Margaret’s steadfast commitment has brought William to a healing place. Margaret spent about 90 minutes in the morning and 90 minutes in the evening caring for William every day, and now they are putting in 5 hours per day providing tourists with carriage rides. She can’t imagine life without him, and he is so kind to the tourists; they just love him. As an update, Margaret no longer needs to spend the three hours per day tending to William’s condition. When you see him now, you would not know he has CPL. Margaret says, William is amazing! He inspires me to continue the fight.”

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