Rainbow Bridge | HEAL
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Rainbow Bridge



This page is dedicated to the horses we came to know while managing their lymphedema. Though they’ve crossed the Rainbow Bridge, they’ll forever be in our hearts.


Tom is the Face of Equine Lymphedema.


Tom represents all horses, whether they are a draft horse with chronic progressive lymphedema or a quarter horse with persistent swelling who has developed lymphedema. He was the first horse we worked on in January 2010 at the Blue Star Equiculture Center. Unfortunately, Tom developed additional medical issues beyond anyone’s control. He was a real champion!


Although it has been many years since his passing in the summer of 2010, his spirit continues to motivate HEAL and inspire us to help horses like Tom to have a second chance!


Bella, a Clydesdale with CPL (chronic progressive lymphedema), passed away unexpectedly in June 2017. Her partner, Grandeur, also has CPL. Bella’s owner, Karin, was one of the most dedicated people I know when it comes to her beloved horses.


On the very first day applying the HEAL protocol, you could see an immediate difference in Bella’s attitude and spunkiness. Watching her run in the field was the greatest reward I could receive. See for yourself!

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