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MLD Massage



Get certified with our Fundamentals of Equine MLD Massage—the first program of its kind. Adding this certification to your massage business will set you apart. You’ll also earn 16 continuing education credits.

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) massage is a soft and gentle massage which facilitates in moving stagnant trapped lymph and toxins from the body. It is extremely relaxing and has multiple benefits for both horse and practitioner!

The other applications can be used for laminitis, tendonitis, scars, post-surgical
applications, pregnancy, senior or frail horses. The beauty of this modality is that
it is soothing and relaxing.

As a practitioner, traditional massage modalities can often result in repetitive
stress injuries and many times retiring from the profession. MLD is not strenuous on your hands or joints. There is no need to perform deep tissue or pound the hind quarter of the horse to get results. Whether horse or human, the body recognizes a gentle touch as a healing touch. You will be able to integrate MLD into your own massage practice.

The proper application of strokes and sequences are essential to maximizing the benefits of this modality. This comprehensive two-day training offers minimum lecture and maximum hands-on application. You will:
 Learn about the anatomy and physiology of the equine lymphatic system and its impact on other body systems and overall health.

 Get personal instruction in a very small class and learn the six basic strokes used for equine MLD.

 Learn the fundamentals behind each stroke and the mechanics of how and where they are applied to maximize lymph flow and drainage.

 Learn and apply 3 different manual lymph drainage sequences to the head, front limb and hindquarters.

 Learn the clinical applications for equine manual lymph drainage.

To provide a positive learning experience and maximize individual instruction, we limit the number of students for any one session to four to eight.

A Gentle Touch Is a Healing Touch

Equine Manual Lymph Drainage Massage or MLD helps horse owners to manage a variety of ailments such as founder and tendonitis as well as promote the health and wellbeing of pregnant, frail, and horses fresh out of surgery.


We provide comprehensive classes, with the maximum hands-on application so you can master the fundamentals and be on your way to the first of its kind certification.

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Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

“As a service provider and friend to Theresa, I have watched her dream come to fruition before my eyes. I know of no one else with the passion, drive and focus that Theresa has. She has been working toward the launch of HEAL over several years and gives abundant credit to those who helped her get there. She is a caring, passionate soul who truly loves what she does.”

– Ann W.

“We had the pleasure to QT and care for one of their horses Big Ben here in Texas! They were so caring and always communicated asking for updates on his care! He will find another set of caring hands and phenomenal cate with HEAL!!! Thank you so much for allowing Ben to come into our lives!! I think he was able to teach us more then we could have ever taught him!!!”

– Lisa I.


“After knowing Teresa Mueller and her deep and abiding love for all animals, I could not imagine her doing her very best at this venture!!!”

– Cynthia U.

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