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MLD Massage



Get certified with our Fundamentals of Equine MLD Massage—the first program of its kind. Adding this certification to your massage business will set you apart. You’ll also earn 16 continuing education credits.

MLD massage is a soft and gentle massage that is very beneficial to a horse’s overall health. Not just for lymphedema, MLD massage can be used for any number of ailments or to simply sooth and relax your horse.


This comprehensive two-day training offers minimum lecture and maximum hands-on application. You will


  • Learn about the anatomy and physiology of the equine lymphatic system and its impact on other body systems and overall health.
  • Get personal instruction in a very small class and learn the six basic strokes used for equine MLD.
  • Learn the fundamentals behind each stroke and the mechanics of how and where they are applied to maximize lymph flow and drainage.
  • Learn and apply 3 different manual lymph drainage sequences to the head, front limb, and hindquarters.
  • Learn the clinical applications for equine manual lymph drainage.


To provide a positive learning experience and maximize individual instruction, we limit the number of students for any one session to four to six. 



A Gentle Touch is a Healing Touch!

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