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Horse Owners

Has your horse been diagnosed with equine lymphedema?

For the horse owner whose horse has been diagnosed with lymphedema, the Horse Owner’s Guide to Equine Lymphedema can help you better understand what you are dealing with. Also valuable for non-medical equine professionals, this workbook provides a high-level overview of the equine lymphatic system so you can recognize and understand what is happening with your horse. We discuss what leads to equine lymphedema and how to recognize the symptoms, and we provide suggestions and resources to manage it. With your new knowledge, you will be able to make informed decisions with your vet. NOTE, this is not a substitute for medical diagnosis; always consult with your vet.

As passionate educators, it is our belief that you have the right to the information necessary to make informed decisions that are best for you and your horse. To purchase this workbook and start your journey with knowledge, click the button below.

Caring for a horse with lymphedema is challenging, but it is manageable. It requires dedication and commitment, and if you’re ready to help your horse, HEAL is ready to help you. 


Be Part of the Research


HEAL is gathering data and conducting research to better understand this condition and the factors that contribute to it. If you have experienced lymphedema in your horse or one that you’ve cared for, please complete our brief assessment. Your answers will help us continue to learn and identify better management protocols. 


The markers on the map indicate the areas from which we’ve had responses to the assessment. This is a global problem. 



Using your mouse, click and drag the map to see all areas. You can also use the wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out.

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