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HEAL Equine Is Dedicated to Saving Horses with Lymphedema

HEAL Equine Is Dedicated to Saving Horses with Lymphedema


Equine chronic progressive lymphedema (CPL) is specifically designated for draft/draft cross horses only. It may manifest itself as swollen limbs, leaking of fluid, pus, or blood, hair loss, open sores, scabs or redness including folds in the skin and/or nodules on the extremities. 


It is commonly recognizable by swelling in the front or hind quarters. The swelling generally starts at the coronary band and moves up to the elbow in the front leg and up to the hock in the hind leg, often up into the groin area. It can also appear in other parts of the body, such as under the jaw and abdomen.


It is a result of an accumulation of trapped lymph fluid, resulting in the acute swelling (comes on unexpectedly) or intermittent swelling or chronic swelling (swelling just doesn’t go away) of the extremities. Many equestrians refer to this as “stocking up.”


Every horse is susceptible to chronic swelling regardless of breed. However,    large breeds such as Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods, Hanoverian appear to be more prone to it than others breeds. It’s not clearly understood why, but genetics or congenital issues may be a factor.    


Lymphedema often compromises the immune system, and severe, chronic cases can be life threatening. This causes the horses to be unproductive and can lead to being euthanized early, because owners simply don’t know what to do anymore or how to manage it appropriately.


Equine lymphedema doesn’t have to be a death sentence. It’s not curable but it manageable.  Believe…in the Possible!


It Can Be Managed

Heal Professionals

Professional Guide to Equine Lymphedema 

Professional Guide to Equine Lymphedema was develop to provide professionals a better understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the equine lymphatic system with an emphasis on understanding and causes of chronic progressive lymphedema (CPL) and/or chronic swelling. It also provides insights on health alternatives and environmental factors impacting this condition.


This is a wonderful guide to help you recognize it and know it is manageable! As a professional you will be able to guide, raise awareness, educate and explain to your client the hands on skills required and the appropriate tools necessary to manage this misunderstood condition appropriately.   

It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to explore the possibility of becoming certified equine lymphedema therapist. This course is a pre requisite to become a Certified Equine Lymphedema Therapist.

HEAL welcomes all equine professional to participate and enlighten yourself to this condition! The home study course is equivalent to 3 CEU’s.

So enlighten yourself and sign up today!


PRO Cover-1


Get certified with our Fundamentals of Equine MLD Massage—the first program of its kind. Adding this certification to your massage business will set you apart. You’ll also earn 16 continuing education credits.

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) massage is a soft and gentle massage which facilitates in moving stagnant trapped lymph and toxins from the body. It is extremely relaxing and has multiple benefits for both horse and practitioner!

The other applications can be used for laminitis, tendonitis, scars, post-surgical applications, pregnancy, senior or frail horses. The beauty of this modality is that it is soothing and relaxing.


As a practitioner, traditional massage modalities can often result in repetitive stress injuries and many times retiring from the profession. MLD is not strenuous on your hands or joints. There is no need to perform deep tissue or pound the hind quarter of the horse to get results. Whether horse or human, the body recognizes a gentle touch as a healing touch. You will be able to integrate MLD into your own massage practice.


The proper application of strokes and sequences are essential to maximizing the benefits of this modality. This comprehensive two-day training offers minimum lecture and maximum hands-on application. You will:


  • Learn about the anatomy and physiology of the equine lymphatic system and its impact on other body systems and overall health.
  • Get personal instruction in a very small class and learn the six basic strokes used for equine MLD.
  • Learn the fundamentals behind each stroke and the mechanics of how and where they are applied to maximize lymph flow and drainage.
  • Learn and apply 3 different manual lymph drainage sequences to the head, front limb and hindquarters.
  • Learn the clinical applications for equine manual lymph drainage.


To provide a positive learning experience and maximize individual instruction, we limit the number of students for any one session to four to eight. 


Get certified with our Fundamentals of Equine MLD Massage – the first program of its kind. Adding this certification to your massage business will set you apart. You’ll also earn 16 continuing education credits.


Certified Equine Lymphedema Therapist Curriculum 


The CELT curriculum was born out of passion, engagement, and a belief in the possible!

HEAL wants to share with you, first-hand, the challenges Kelly experienced with Toby and managing his lymphedema. Unfortunately, Kelly’s experience is quite common! 


Many owners, at one time or another, experience feelings of isolation, frustration, lack of support, and lack of knowledge on how to manage this condition effectively. 


This is why HEAL developed the FIRST program curriculum in the United States in which equine practitioners have the opportunity to become a certified equine lymphedema therapist.


Equine Lymphedema is not well understood or managed in the states and abroad. This, in itself, presents a host of challenges and opportunities. Take a look at the CELT curriculum and see how we face these challenges!

HEAL believes in transparency and we want you to be prepared to meet the
challenges as well as the opportunities.


This presentation is meant to raise awareness and educate you about the impact of this pervasive condition within the equine community and know that there are solutions to managing this condition! 


This presentation will address:


  • Market Concerns
  • Market Challenges
  • Market Opportunities  


We hope you find it informative and share it with other equine enthusiasts! In this small way, you will be part of a solution!  How empowering is that! Pass It On!


CELT Curriculum: 


Each course is a standalone course and has its own CEU’s associated with it.   


1. Home Study: Professional Guide for Professionals: 3 credits ($195)


2. Online Layman’s Grooming Technique:  4 credits ($260)


3. Online Manual Lymph Drainage Massage:

  • Head Sequence = 3 credits ($195)
  • Front Limb Sequence = 4.5 credits ($292.50)
  • Hind Quarters = 5 credits ($325)


With online classes, you will receive written documentation, PowerPoint presentations with audio, access to the video demonstrations, samples of home study work assignments and worksheets to be submitted for evaluation.


The best part, with the online classes you will be able to incorporate these sets of skills immediately into your portfolio and develop proficiency at the same time!


4. In class 2.5 day session Wrapping = 22 credits ($1430)


  • This is the last module to complete before becoming certified as an equine lymphedema therapist.
  • The in-class session will be located at Horseworks Ranch & Rescue located in Poolville Texas.  It is a comprehensive 2.5-day in-class session teaching wrapping, the proper use, and application of compression garments.
  • Certification as an equine lymphedema therapist will be issued upon completion of all modules.


 The cost of the 2.5-day in-class session is  $1430 broken down into two categories.


  • Tuition: $730 goes directly to HEAL to cover labor, materials, and operational expenses.
  • Wrapping Costs:  $700 will be a donation to Horseworks Ranch & Rescue, a 501 ( C ) 3 committing to rescuing horses from slaughter.


Horseworks Ranch & Rescue is a 501 ( C) 3 non-profit. Steve Isenhour, the owner, has a passion for draft horses, particularly Belgians. Many of them have chronic progressive lymphedema. 


Horseworks Ranch and Rescue will provide you a $700 receipt for your supplies as a charitable contribution.


You will be better prepared to meet the equine lymphedema market challenges.

HEAL’s CELT Certification Curriculum is designed with you in mind.  


One of the ways HEAL is meeting the challenges is by making the CELT curriculum accessible, doable, and affordable for the equine practitioner.


The curriculum consists of a combination of home study courses, online courses, and in-class sessions which will provide you the skills, proficiency, and confidence to meet the market challenges.    


You pay as you go! When you complete one module you go on to the next module.

So what do I do now if I am interested in becoming a Certified Equine Lymphedema Therapist?


  1. View video of Kelly & Toby.
  2. View the 17 minute Guide to Understanding the Equine lymphedema Market located above.
  3. Complete the application below and submit it to tamueller@healequine.com.

It’s that Simple!

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