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Equine Professionals

Welcome to the HEAL Professional Page!

This page was created for equine professionals including equine massage therapists, animal therapists, vet techs, farriers, barn managers, equine chiropractors, and other health care professionals interested in experiencing the world of equine manual lymph drainage.


HEAL encourages you to browse through the website, watch the numerous videos and sign up for our newsletter. This will introduce you to the world of equine lymphedema.


HEAL is an approved provider of National Certification Board of Massage Therapist and Bodywork (NCBTMB) for all of our courses. Below is a list of HEAL’S curriculum.


  1. The Professional Guide to Equine Lymphedema
  2. Certified Equine Lymphedema Therapist curriculum provides the practitioner the necessary skills to manage equine lymphedema. The curriculum offers a complete decongestive therapy protocol.
  3. We also offer hands-on weekend training that teaches the Fundamentals of Manual Lymph Drainage massage. 


1. The Professional Guide to Equine Lymphedema

HEAL developed the Professional Guide to Equine Lymphedema to provide professionals a better understanding of the equine lymphatic system with an emphasis on understanding equine lymphedema.


It explains anatomy and physiology of the equine lymph system, causes of equine lymphedema and provides insights on health alternatives and environmental factors impacting equine lymphedema.  


HEAL invites all equine practitioners to have access to the Professional Guide to Equine Lymphedema.  This is a home study course which will be mailed to you and is equivalent to 3 CEU’s.

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Join the Holistic Equine Academy of Lymphedema on a challenging and exciting journey of healing for horses. For more information on our MLD classes and our CELT Program follow the links below.


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