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Compression Stockings

A horse with equine lymphedema should be wrapped to facilitate the lymph flow, help maintain the integrity of the leg and keep the swelling to a minimum. It is specific wrapping material made for horses with equine lymphedema that will assist in decongesting a swollen limb, not the compression stocking or a standard bandage! The purpose of the compression stocking is to facilitate the flow of lymph fluid when the leg is not wrapped.


They are designed to act as a prophylactic or preventive measure for horses that experience occasional swelling in the legs or who have been diagnosed with equine lymphedema. 

Compression stockings are to be used for a short period of time (about 2-4 hours) while the horse is being supervised or monitored during turn out, work out sessions, an event, competition, trail ride, or during transportation. The stocking could temporarily help reduce the congestion of lymph fluids in the leg while the leg is not wrapped. According to the research conducted by Prof. Van Rautenfield from Hanover Medical School in Hanover Germany, wearing the compression stocking for one hour can be equivalent to a two-hour ride. Because horses can be extremely unpredictable, it is not recommended that you leave the stockings on overnight. The horse may tear at the stocking, or if they lie down and get up, the stocking may move, bunch up and cause further congestion in the limb. These should only be used under supervision.

horse compression stockings

Unlike compression garments used in humans, the fabrics used for equine compression garments have a much thicker elasticity and higher compressive force. These professional equine compression garments are made in Germany, and we are the sole licensed supplier in the USA. These garments are used extensively in our equine lymphedema treatments, but can also be used as a preventive measure to protect the fetlock and cannon area from injury; to apply medications or antiseptics; or to generally improve circulation problems. If folded over twice, they can serve as a bandage.


Stockings are available in 2 lengths – long and short. Both stockings are made from the same material and integrity. The only difference is the length.


  • The long stocking covers from coronary band to just below the elbow on front legs and covers from the coronary band to just above the hock on the rear leg.
  • The short goes up to the mid-cannon bone.


Click below for a demonstration video on how to put the stockings on and off.

In summary, compression garments are meant to be worn for a few hours at a time. Your horse should always be supervised or monitored while wearing them; therefore, they are not recommended for use overnight. When used according to the guidelines, the equine compression stockings may help minimize the congestion of the leg and keep your horse comfortable and productive!

To determine whether your horse is eligible for a compression stocking, and the appropriate size, you’ll need to Ask the Therapist.

XL Equine compression Garment

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