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in becoming a Certified Equine Lymphedema Therapist


(L-R) Marty, Big Mama, Leo, Louise

Holistic Equine Academy of Lymphedema: (HEAL)


HEAL was born out of passion, commitment and a belief in the possible! Equine lymphedema isn’t well understood and managed in the states or for that matter the globe.  The Impact of Equine Lymphedema- PowerPoint presentation will provide you a quick overview of the followings:


  • Equine lymphedema market concerns
  • Equine lymphedema market challenges
  • Equine lymphedema opportunities. 


HEAL wants to be transparent about to expect so you can make an informed decision to become a certified equine lymphedema therapist. Becoming a certified equine lymphedema therapist is a process and takes investment in time and finances. So here are the things you need to know!



The HEAL Certification Program is designed with you in mind.  HEAL made this:  


·        Accessible: The majority of the course can be done from home. 


·        Doable: Learn at your own speed.


·        Affordable: Pay as you go.


A Guide to Understanding Equine Lymphedema for Professionals


HEAL Curriculum: 


Each course is a standalone course and has its own CEU’s associated with it.   


1. Home Study: Professional Guide for Professionals: 3 credits


2. Online Layman’s Grooming Technique:  4 credits


3. Online Manual Lymph Drainage Massage:

  • Head Sequence = 3 credits
  • Front Limb Sequence = 4.5 credits
  • Hind Quarters = 5 credits


With Online classes, you will receive written documentation, PowerPoint presentations with audio, access to the video demonstrations, samples of home study work assignments and worksheets to be submitted for evaluation.


By having access to the Online classes you will be able to incorporate these sets of skills immediately into your portfolio and develop proficiency at the same time. 


4. In class 2.5 day session Wrapping = 22 credits 


  • This is the last module to complete before becoming certified as an equine lymphedema therapist.
  • The in-class session will be located at Horseworks Ranch & Rescue located in Poolville Texas.  It is a comprehensive 2.5-day in-class session teaching wrapping, the proper use, and application of compression garments.
  • Certification as an equine lymphedema therapist will be issued upon completion of all modules.


 The cost of the 2.5-day in-class session is  $1430 broken down into two categories.


  • Tuition: $730 goes directly to HEAL to cover labor, materials, and operational expenses.
  • Wrapping Costs:  $700 will be a donation to Horseworks Ranch & Rescue, a 501 ( C ) 3 committing to rescuing horses from slaughter.


Horseworks Ranch & Rescue is a 501 ( C) 3 non-profit. Steve Isenhour, the owner, has a passion for draft horses, particularly Belgians. Many of them have chronic progressive lymphedema. 


Here is what you need to know.


Horseworks Ranch and Rescue will provide you a $700 receipt for your supplies as a charitable contribution.


You will help reduce the cost of rehabilitating these horses.  


You will witness the good, bad, and ugly of equine lymphedema      


You get to be part of the horses’ journey- This will stay with you for a lifetime!


You will be exposed and have the opportunity to wrap horses in various stages of this condition and be a part of their healing journey.


You will be better prepared to manage the impact of equine lymphedema in the equine community.  

To learn more about the program before contacting us, watch this video from Kelly with her horse Toby.



  • Equine lymphedema is not well understood.
  • The prevailing consensus is there isn’t much you can do, especially when the limb continues to swell or remains swollen.
  • An estimated 150,000 to 450,000 horses in the U.S. may have lymphedema.
  • Only a handful of professionals are trained to manage this condition.
  • Owners try to manage something they don’t understand.
  • Most horse owners are looking for a quick fix to remedy the situation.
  • The owner requires education, commitment, passion and a willingness to invest their time and money to manage this condition long term.


If you are up for this challenge and interested in becoming part of a unique group of professionals, please click the button below to download the application and then email to pat@healequine.com.


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