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Ask the Therapist


You are on our website because you want to learn more about this condition. We understand and are happy to answer your questions. Email us your concerns and share your story. Please include photos of your horse, including a full body picture of each side plus a separate photo of the afflicted limb(s). We will respond. 


If your horse has been diagnosed with equine lymphedema, or if you have a draft horse who has been diagnosed with chronic, progressive lymphedema, and you need answers, please schedule a one-hour consultation with HEAL. We know equine lymphedema is a challenging condition for both horse and horse owner, and we are here to provide support and counsel.


There is a consultation fee, so please be ready with payment info before we begin the consultation. Our consultation fee is $125 for one hour.



If your horse has been diagnosed, we encourage you to please help us with our research. Click the button below and complete our brief assessment form.



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